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WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax software is specifically designed to reconcile and balance accounts, automate the calculation of Executor’s compensation and within seconds, produce a Statement of Account, even in court passing format.

The software enables the number of transactions on a File based on two categories:

  • A “Medium File” allows up to a maximum of 150 transactions
  • A “Large File” has no limit on the number of transactions

These limits are based on the entire life of the file. If, for example, you are reporting on a 20-year trust, you need to license a file which allows enough transactions to dispose of all items over the entire 20-year period. In most cases, files which can be completely wound-up within 6 months would be a “Medium File” whereas files which take longer than 6 months would most likely be a “Large File”.

WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax is available in the following configurations:




WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax

PDF Add-on module (workstation license only)

* Pay-per-use (Standard Package only) with no annual volume commitment and no precedent customization = $995.00/File.

**Citrix version of the PDF add-on, if needed, is a one time cost of $1,495

Based on your selection, the WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax fee will be $995.00/File.

Licensee and System Information

Ordering from the United States, GB or EU? Please contact sales@emergent.ca.

User Information

Minimum System Requirements:

WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax requires a Microsoft Windows computer running and Microsoft Word. The minimum requirements of the software can be found here:


In addition to a one-time $450.00 installation fee, use of this product is subject to transaction fees. The fees for WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax are $995.00 per File

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What's Included?

  • Free Updates and ongoing enhancements
  • Unlimited Telephone and Remote support
  • Unlimited users